How This Works


For so long we’ve had the dream of up-cycling pieces from the mountains of 2nd hand clothing that comes to Haiti by the ship load. It is known here as Pépé. One day we cranked up the music and went to work in the sewing room, just letting the creative juices flow! You let us know on Facebook that you like the idea and want more! So we are doing more! Every week there will be new pieces available for sale! Each one is unique and each one is hand crafted by one of our talented sewers!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1 – There is a 3-5 week delivery time for most pieces (we have to get them from Haiti) (The other items in our store are kept in stock in the States)

2 – You are doing a VERY good thing, like you must be the best person ever – this ticks off all the boxes, Fair-trade, Recycled, Environmental, and Fashionable!

3 – If you find a piece that you love (and we hope you do) Click on the buy me button in the caption – that will take you to the right page in our store, where you will need to enter in the product number for the piece before you buy.

Thats it! Go do some shopping, and thank you so much for checking us out! If you have any questions, encouraging words, or special requests don’t hesitate to reach out us via the contact us page or just email