2nd Story Clothes Up-Cycled!

Welcome friends!   Looking for a truly unique garment?  We got you!  Each piece is unique and is designed, packaged and presented with loads of joy, story and goodness!

We see each piece of clothing that comes into our sewing room as full of possibility and beauty.  We study the fabrics and patterns, sort the ones that seem to like each other and then begin the design process of cutting and pinning,  Honestly, it FEELS good to make these pieces!

Instead of  heading to a landfill these garments are beginning their 2nd Story!

So please, Browse and when you choose take note of the Garment Code click on the BUY ME words,  and enter the Garment Code in the blue product # box.  We’ll package it up and send it your way!   Thank you for championing the cause of good use!